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Saturn and its Hi Bebe Super app

The 1st connected breast pump on the French market very easy to use for hospital or home use 

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The 1st portable breast pump on the market  on battery with automatic stimulation and expression mode 

Characteristics common to saturn and neptun 

  • Fashionstimulationandexpressionmanual or automatic

  • Easy to use

  • Single or double pumping

  • Complete set with a 24mm breast shield

  • 3 additional sizes of breast shields : 21.27 and 32mm

  • Neptun and Saturn breast shieldscommon to both models

  • Light and compact

  • On battery and mains 

  • Carry bag 

  • Very easy cleaning and decontamination 

  • Rental for the mother that can be covered by her public or private health insurance

  • Registered with the LPPR



The Saturn electric breast pump works in single and double pumping and offers stimulation modes(16 suction levels, 3 cadence levels)and phrase(16 suction levels, 6 cadence levels).

4 pre-recorded programsadapting to your needs and4 other customizable programsare at your disposal. 

To guide you, we offer two pre-designed programs: Regular and Starter. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The Saturn Electric Breast Pump iscontrollable via your smartphone (Bluetooth)thanks to the Hi bebe Super application, available on iOS and Android.

The double pumping kit includes two collection bottles, connection tubing, anti-reflux valves and 24mm size breast shields. It is compatible with the  Neptun electric breast pump.

Additional breast shields of 21, 27 and 32mm

Find the simplified user guide:


Suction and frequency adjustment

4 pre-recorded programs

4 customizable programs

Lactation follow-up

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The Neptun 2nd line transportable electric breast pump is another SANEVA exclusive.

Neptun works on battery and on mains, in single and double pumping and offers stimulation modes(10 suction levels)and expression (10 suction levels, 3 cadence levels).

Neptun is easy to use because it remembers your last custom program.

Shields available: Complete kit of 24mm.

Additional breast shields of 21, 27 and 32mm

Find the simplified user guide:

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